International Design Continuing Education Council (IDCEC)  |  Website Design Redesign + UI for Mobile App
Challenge: IDCEC needed a solution for upgrading the website design. The hosting provider quoted way over their budget and IDCEC needed an alternate solution that fell within their budget. 
Solution: Landing Page and skins overlaying the current wireframe. This was a cheaper solution since there was no wire frame redesign required.
International Design Continuing Education Council (IDCEC)  |  UI for Mobile App
Challenge: Collaborated with UX designer to create the user interface for this app. This app allows learners to track and view courses. It is also much easier for providers to take course attendance.   ​​​​​​​
GO-Train App  |  UX / UI Design
Problem Statement: How can GO-Train riders who live outside Toronto travelling a long distance everyday in and out of the city guarantee a seat during peak times?
Solution: Two GO-Train cars will be for reserved seating. The train cars closer to the exits. You would need to subscribe to a yearly subscription and pay a premium fee for this service. Therefore, if you are not a subscriber you will not be able to enter the two reserved cars. You will need to use the app to reserve with any mobile device, or by desktop. You can either scan your presto card to enter or scan your device with the ticket code you will be given when you reserve.
Demographic: Ages 18-60 who ride the GO-Train ​​​​​​​
MY CARE PAL APP  |  UX / UI Design
Problem: Many Senior citizens refuse to leave their homes to move into a retirement home. Understandably, many wish to hold onto their independence as long as possible. However, when health or other issues start interfering with the ability to manage daily tasks and activities, and seniors or aging parents refuse to ask for and accept help.
Solution: With my CarePal app, you can have a virtual caregiver available 24 hours a day whenever you need them. The CarePal app can set reminders for medications, appointments, daily exercise and track medication, meals, recipes and more. Seniors wear a specially designed wrist watch connected by bluetooth. Vibration notifications are sent through to the wrist watch for seniors who have difficulty with hearing and an audio feature is available for those seniors who have trouble with vision. 
Demographic: Ages 65+
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