Challenge: Brand Awareness, public appreciation of BILD's involvement in city planning and celebrating BILD's longevity. 
Solution: We delivered a turn-key solution called Building by Decades that, in addition to a digital content hub and print series, included interactive audio segments and a custom digital timeline. 
The series rolled out over 11 consecutive weeks, with a new segment intorduced each Saturday on and in the Star as a special section. It started with features about the inception of the BILD GTA association int he 1920s and explored the subsequent decades in the following weeks.
We executed;
• Dedicated content Hub on, home to all print articles, plus: 
• Audio clips to support and enhance storytelling in each section
• Custom digital timeline (updated weekly as each new decade filled out) designed to visualize key points and developments that charted the region's growth over the past 100 years.
• 11 x 6 page print sections (distributed full run in Toronto on 11 consecutive Saturdays)
• One of the sections actually swelled to 8 pages based on additional interest.
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